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PPE Vending Machines

PPE Vending Machines (also known as Safety Stations) are designed to dispense personal protection equipment (PPE) including safety vests, gloves, safety glasses, earplugs, first aid and so on.

PPE Vending Machines can be sited in convenient locations throughout the workplace, providing 24/7 access to personal protection equipment.

Every PPE Vending Machine is fitted with a card reader and employees access PPE with a unique safety card issued by their employer.

To access a product the card is presented onto the reader which is located on the front panel. When a selection is made the card reader records the safety station number, time and date, employee name and a description and cost of the product dispensed.

PPE Vending Machines are available in various sizes and models. A typical PPE Vending Machine would have 50 selections for personal protection equipment products. Each selection (depending on product size) would have 10 to 20 products available.

For more information on PPE Vending Machines, please contact Maddison Safety at or call 02 4954 7544.