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  • Thorzt is a great tasting, scientifically proven mix of cutting-edge branch chain amino acids, combined with magnesium and a formulated blend of electrolytes for optimum hydration in all conditions, and the new addition of B and C group vitamins.
  • Designed to maintain mind and body function at a cellular level, Thorzt can boost your physical and mental potential, relieve muscle pain, cramps and spasms, reduce anxiety and sleep disturbance and improve the body’s stress response.
  • The addition of amino acids to carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks has been shown to increase fluid retention 15% greater than carbohydrate-electrolyte-only drinks, and 40% greater than water.
Details: Low in Sugar Gluten and caffeine free Proprietary electrolyte formula including Magnesium Proprietary blend of B and C group vitamins, L-Glutamine and essential Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS) Hypotonic 600mL bottle makes 10L, or up to 20L when mixed with ice in our 20L cooler